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    • MEDIA ADVISORY: Rochester area educators to call on state Tuesday to fix flawed state exams

      ROCHESTER, N.Y. April 22, 2019 — New York State United Teachers will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 23, to call on the State Education Department to immediately address significant issues with state tests for children in grades 3-8.

      NYSUT Board member and Spencerport Teachers Association President John Kozlowski, NYSUT Board member and BOCES United Professionals President Andy Jordan, and Victor Teachers Association President Mike Modleski will be joined by members of the state Legislature at NYSUT’s Rochester Regional Office, 30 N. Union St., in Rochester to discuss flaws with these exams and the ways in which the state must address them.

      NYSUT has launched the Correct the Tests campaign to raise awareness of the serious issues with the grades 3-8 ELA and math tests and demand state action to fix these invalid tests that are harmful to New York students. A press conference on this issue was also held in Albany at SED.

      The union is drawing attention to the fact that:

      • the state tests are flawed and invalid
      • invalid scoring benchmarks mislabel children
      • ELA and math tests are too long
      • untimed testing can be cruel and traumatic
      • the tests are developmentally inappropriate; and
      • computer-based testing is problematic and has been rolled out too quickly.

      Parents and educators are encouraged to visit CorrectTheTests.com for more information about the problems with these tests and parents’ rights to opt their children out of taking the tests. The website also provides an outlet for parents and teachers to submit stories about testing issues in their schools.

      New York State United Teachers is a statewide union with more than 600,000 members in education, human services and health care. NYSUT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

      Learn more and tell your testing story at CorrectTheTests.com, or call our anonymous hotline: 518-640-2020.

      correct the tests

    • Earth Day: What are the effects of climate change on school environments?

      Many environmental concerns are clamoring for attention on this year’s Earth Day.

      Union health and safety activists are raising awareness about the effects of climate change on school environments, how to make buildings more resilient, and how to protect students and staff during extreme weather events, which are becoming more common.

      NYSUT and American Federation of Teachers are sending their health and safety specialists to an AFT School-Related Professionals conference later this month to speak with custodial and maintenance workers about these issues.

      “We want to get them to think about how these extreme weather events affect their jobs, if they've seen a change in how many events occur, and what kind of events are happening,” said Wendy Hord, NYSUT health and safety specialist. “Recent hurricanes, droughts and fires have raised awareness and attention.”

      Concerns to be highlighted by union health and safety activists include:

      • The increasing energy demands in school buildings for air conditioning needs, which existing systems may not be able to meet.
      • An increase in extreme heat events, and the impact they have on school occupants/education.
      • Increased mold and moisture problems from heat and humidity that are not properly managed.
      • Increased tick/vector-borne illnesses and pest infestations.
      • The need for building and grounds employees to maintain landscaping in ways that reduce habitat.
      • School nurse awareness.
      • Personal protection.
      • The need for custodians and maintenance workers to get buildings back in shape in order to re-occupy them after weather events.
      • Increased stresses on aging buildings that have not had proper preventive maintenance that make the impact of weather events more negative.

      “We want to talk about things for them to do to protect themselves from extreme heat or cold, ticks, insects, etcetera,” said Hord. “We also want to talk about how to look at their buildings and what can be done to make buildings more resilient.”



    LTA Blog

    Stand Up For What All Kids Need







    Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget for 2015-2016 lays out a punishing anti-public education agenda that attacks teachers and hurts students.

    Rather than provide what all kids need, the governor is pushing a Billionaires' Agenda that would decimate the state's public schools. His "my-way-or-the-highway" budget would:

    • hold school aid increases hostage;
    • woefully underfund the state's K-12 and higher education systems;
    • more than double the weight of standardized tests;
    • make permanent an undemocratic tax cap that has wreaked financial havoc on school communities;
    • eliminate funding for teacher training;
    • launch a back-door voucher plan that would siphon funding away from schools most in need;
    • underfund public higher education by tying funding to campus "performance" rather than enrollment;
    • smooth the way for the privatization of SUNY's five hospitals;
    • destroy prep programs for future teachers;
    • and fail to fully address the student debt crisis.

    Simply put, Gov. Cuomo's proposed budget - which serves the interests of his billionaire backers - is an attack on public education that fails to address what all students need.

    Things you can do right now to fight back.

    Every NYSUT member is needed to defend public education and the teaching profession from Gov. Cuomo's Billionaires' Agenda.

    Tell the governor to stop scapegoating... stop teacher bashing and focus on what #AllKidsNeed.

    Here's your to-do list.

    Take action on this week's campaigns.

    The latest actions will always be right here in the No. 1 spot.

    Call your state senator. Now.

    • Stop what you're doing and call your state senator with this message: stand up to the Governor's "Bigfoot" tactics and defend our outstanding New York public schools!
    • You can look up the number at the NYSUT Member Action Center.

    Sign up for MAC text alerts!

    Take 10 seconds and sign up for MAC text alerts on your phone!

    Here's how: Text the word "NYSUT" to the contact number 38470.

    Sign the petitions.

    Call out the governor.

    • Invite the governor to visit your class to learn what #AllKidsNeed. Tweet out an invite directly at him and be sure to include his Twitter handle @NYGovCuomo and the hashtag #InviteCuomo if you want your tweet to be seen and heard.
    • Not on Twitter? See step 8.

    Get connected to the MAC.

    • BY TEXT. Get real-time text messages about urgent news and actions by texting the word NYSUT to the number 38470.
    • BY EMAIL. Subscribe to the NYSUT Member Action Center email alerts for updates on this campaign. If you're registered via email as a NYSUT MAC e-activist you'll also be the first to know about upcoming rallies, protests and more.
    • BY APP. Download the NYSUT MAC App for your iPhone or for your Android phone. Be sure notifications are enabled to receive alerts on new action items.

    Get connected on Facebook.

    Get connected on Twitter.

    • Join Twitter and follow @NYSUT to be part of the social media army.
    • Once a day (or as often as possible) tweet your thoughts on what #AllKidsNeed - more science labs, music and art classes, school libraries, smaller class sizes and more. We're reminding the governor to focus on what matters! Follow the conversation in real-time for some great examples from parents and educators.

    Share the poster.

    Wear the button.

    Take part in community forums.

    • Keep an eye on nysut.org/allkidsneed for information on upcoming NYSUT-sponsored Community Forums to Save Public Education in every region of the state.

    Talk it up.

    • Get the conversation going - online and offline. Read "Where We Stand" and use it to craft social media messages, send letters to the editor, and brief friends and colleagues.
    • Circulate and share print materials and videos.

    Support "Take Action Tuesday."

    • Mark your calendar to support NYSUT's "Take Action Tuesday" every week. Be on the lookout for updates.

    Learn more at www.nysut.org/allkidsneed.


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